Our impact is global


Marie Stopes International is a global family planning organisation dedicated to giving the best personal healthcare system to woman and girls around the world. With healthcare clinics in 37 different countries, they are able to provide life-changing reproductive healthcare services that are high quality, affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.



Marie Stopes International approached us to work hand in hand in creating a strong unified brand language to be implemented across their healthcare centre interiors. The centre branding needed to reflect the standard of excellence Marie Stopes International provide to their patients. The visual language created had to deliver a reassuring, helpful, educational and professional experience that in turn will create positive, long-lasting perceptions of the brand.


Because of their global reach, we had to make sure the design has to be easy to implement and at the same time be able adapt to local budgets for maximum brand impact. We designed a set of visual brand assets for every part of the client journey, and every touch-point along the way making sure the spaces felt welcoming and reassuring to the patients. To allow for a unified universal implementation, a detailed set of guidelines were developed and translated to different languages.