What if your boss doesn’t value internal communications?

Internal communicators can struggle to demonstrate the value of campaigns.
Research shows that engaged employees are more productive, but it’s still difficult to quantify.

Internal communications experts, Lee Smith and Joanna Jenkins, and a panel of comms gurus took part in our free breakfast event to discuss how developing creative communications builds successful businesses. Here are their suggestions for what you can do to persuade your boss to support your internal communications and employee engagement campaigns. 

“Start by asking your senior management what success looks like for them. This determines what specific information needs measuring to demonstrate value.” 

Lee Smith, Honey

“You can’t just throw channels at a problem. People don’t always want to invest in learning a new tool. You need to evaluate each issue as it comes and find a fitting solution.” 

Ivana Djordjivic, Shell

“You have to start by asking your board or senior management what success looks like for them. This will determine what specific information you need to gather and measure, to help you demonstrate value”

 Lee Smith, Honey

“Think what’s necessary for the team. Understand their purpose and where they need support, using channels to align them effectively.” 

Jenni Field, CIPR Inside

“Every business views the value of internal comms differently, not always financially.  Start with data. The majority of senior managers have a numerical mindset, so speak their language.”

Joanna Jenkins, Honey