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Honey wins Silver DBA Design Effectiveness Award for Bart Ingredients Company rebrand, delivering a 42.5% annual growth, and £200,000 additional profit in the first 12 weeks.

Honey is proud to win a DBA Design Effectiveness Award for their collaborative achievement in bringing 42.5% growth to the Bart brand through product innovation, strategic branding, and smart retail marketing. This is a major milestone for Honey and marks the 9th DBA trophy in their cabinet.

Honey is three interlocking businesses, designed and staffed to address a wide range of marketing and branding challenges.

Clients as varied as Gatwick Airport, Harrods, Zizzi and Tesco have generated enormous additional profit and benefit from our work.

Whatever combination of innovation, design and digital creativity suits your needs, whatever your brand, Honey’s focus on Return on Investment will ensure that strategy, creativity and effectiveness lock together to deliver a great result.

A result that we will all be proud of.

And nine Design Effectiveness Awards in seven years prove our point.

Honey Innovation, Honey Creative and Honey Digital are all part of the Honey Group.