We love to share knowledge and get inspired.
So we created two events.

From talks from innovative business leaders to exciting debates,
HoneyBuzz and Rip It Up Start Again bring people together to champion change and share exciting ideas.
Why not read about past events, and sign up for one yourself?

Rip It Up, Start Again

Rip It Up, Start Again was created by our Business Development Director, Lulu in 2015.

Bringing together ground-breaking start-up founders and encouraging them to share their stories in the beautiful surroundings of Shoreditch House, Rip It Up inspires and provokes debate.


HoneyBuzz started in 2015 as an opportunity to generate lively debate between industry leaders championing change and innovation in their work.

Held monthly at Riding House Café in London, these round-table talks encourage discussion of breaking topics in business, highlighting ways that companies can learn for new innovation.