Snacking But not as we know it

It’s snacking – but not as we know it

Snacking used to be a loaded word. To some even a dirty word. Snacking was something you did in a dark corner with varying degrees of residual guilt. But the world of snacking is changing. We see some big shifts in consumer appetite driven by some key trends.

Mini meal moment

Mini Meal Moment

Gone are the days of mindless munching. Fat. Sugar. Salt. A list of words that makes a generation of mindful eaters shudder.

There is a new wave of snacks focusing on the good stuff – protein, fibre and nutrition. The definition of permissible snacking is changing. We call it Health 2.0.

Sensory experience

Sensory Experience

It’s all about experience.
Whether it’s a pop, a crunch, a spicy kick, consumers are looking for sensory experience.

Something different to the norm. Technology developments will help brands deliver new formats to pique consumer interest.



Younger generations feel an acute sense of responsibility to tackling our environmental and social issues. They care about brands that truly do their bit to keep make the world a better place.

So, whether it’s sustainable packaging or supporting good causes, snack brands will be connecting on new levels.

Spirit of nature

Spirit of Adventure

The world has become very small. The cultural context of snacking is changing.
Consumers crave the taste of the unexpected.

Who would have thought we’d see insects sitting on UK supermarkets shelves but, with 2 billion people consuming them every day it was only a matter of time.