Revved-up bookings for the legendary riding school


California Superbike School is a global franchise teaching riders to get the very best out of their mounts. They approached us to turbocharge their website. The aim was to boost bookings and elevate their brand.


The previous site was dated and difficult to use. We started with an overhaul of the website architecture. With careful planning and collaboration, the approach was to provide a launchpad into a brand-new booking system, and distill and clarify the School’s offering and their locations. The result was a simplified sticky menu which made the booking journey and training courses the focus of the site.

California Superbike School Mobile

Unique branded assets were created for a professional, race-inspired look. Precision-tooled typography, a minimalistic colour-scheme, and high-contrast course maps complement the dynamic on-track photography. These same assets and design was rolled out to the booking system for a seamless user experience.

Not only did the site delight the School’s team and their partners, but bookings accelerated. Two-thirds of places for the 21/22 season were filled within 3 months of launch.

California Superbike School Tablet
California Superbike School Tablet 2
California Superbike School Map

Wow – what a team they are. Honey is a very cleverly brought together group of people that lead by example. Each one of them complements the other, and without exception, have one goal to empower their clients.

Business relationships are formed on trust and a mutual respect, and Team Honey have delivered on every level. Thank you so much for being you.

Jane Adshead – Head of Operations