Eylure new brand identity and packaging design campaign

Modernising a market leader


Eylure are the original false eyelash brand. Established in 1947 by make-up artists to the stars, the Aylott brothers. Famous for perfecting Elizabeth Taylor’s peepers in Cleopatra to celebrity endorsed ranges for Katy Perry & Girls Aloud, Eylure are the authority in eye beauty.



As the original false eyelashes brand, Eylure already owned 80% of the market, but their sales were beginning to level off due to growing competition from other beauty brands within an already mass-populated retail environment. Their challenge was to re-establish their position as beauty pioneers and appeal to new users. To extend their reach, Eylure came to us with the ambition of increasing sales by 20% while still protecting their status as market leaders.

Eylure Model new brand identity
Eylure Volume lash extensions new packaging design


Eylure’s existing packaging lacked a connection with the brand’s heritage and expertise. Deciding that their heritage was a crucial element to maintain and tease out, we created a new brand identity and accompanying packaging to reflect the heritage of the brand, taking inspiration from their archives.

We needed to position the brand as a premium beauty label, which influenced the new brand expression and proposition. The marketing and communications were vital to establish consistent messaging across all touchpoints. The new back of pack helped to communicate and reposition false eyelashes as glamorous, overcoming the previous perception that they look tacky and are difficult to apply.

To ensure that Eylure was elevated above well-established competitor beauty brands, we developed a range expansion that was innovative through the use of colour coded categories. This made the 150+ product range easy to identify, and simplified the shopping and buying processes for consumers. This significantly upgraded the customer experience and created value for the brand, elevating them within an intensifying beauty market.



The new design has been very well received in both the UK and US markets, and has spread the brands reach across Europe, as well as gaining good traction within the Australian and South African beauty markets.

The reposition of over 150 SKUs across multiple false eyelash ranges consequently led to future license deals with both celebrities and social influencers. Partnering with Cheryl Cole, Rosie Bea and many more, the brand has gained even more credibility and enabled Eylure to translate bloggers and vloggers to brand advocates.

This ever-growing credibility allowed Eylure to increase their consumer touchpoints and expanding their categories, having made headway in securing counter space in the make up sections of Superdrug, M&S and Boots, and recently releasing their own brow range, attracting a wider demographic and enabling them to cross-sell to existing users.

Our relationship with Eylure continues to grow so watch this space!

Eylure Core Range new brand identity and packaging
Eylure Limited edition product developments


We are constantly working on exciting new product developments and limited edition packs. We designed a limited edition advent calendar for public relations, sent to social influencers and buyers which included 24 lashes behind windows to open each day of December. This was so well received, they answered consumers calls to sell them on their website, giving them all a chance to get their hands on the fabulous gift.


We’ve also designed a number of limited edition ‘Lash Edits’ containing three pairs of lashes, carefully selected and packaged in a ‘wardrobe’ style pack, perfect to pick and mix with your outfits when you’re on the move. A very recent edition and new to lash innovation are their mink effect lashes. For this premium range, the Luxe collection, we created a desirable pack which featured a gold foil finish to their core pack structure, creating a beautiful, tactile and eye-catching design.

Eylure Luxe premium brand design and packaging
Eylure Model new brand identity
Eylure Advent Calendar public relations
Eylure new brand identity design

License Ranges

Eylure are always looking for new collaborations with inspiring influencers, fierce fashionistas, and chic celebs for their ever-growing collection of fabulous products. Recent projects include pack designs and marketing materials for Fleur de Force, Rosie Bea, House of Holland and a refreshed collection for Cheryl.


Alongside these projects we have designed limited edition and seasonal ranges. These take inspiration from current trends in the fashion world to ensure Eylure can reaffirm their position as the market leaders. Our designs include ranges for Halloween, Spring, Festivals and Party.

  • Eylure After Dark lashes
Eylure new brand identity and packaging design


Expanding their repertoire and owning their title of No.1 in Eye Beauty, Eylure created a range of innovative brow products. To build upon the strength and success of the core lash design, the brow range adapts the established look, working seamlessly across the variety of products in a number of different formats. We also created a limited run of bespoke brow gift boxes that were sent to selected global buyers.

Eylure Brow Box gift to Honey
Eylure new packaging design

“Working with Honey has been a great experience, commercially as well as personally. The team approaches each projects methodically and systematically, whilst engaging with and teasing out the brand DNA. They have produced packaging and branding that is not only emotive and stunning but also effective and commercial. I look forward to working with them going forwards as we grow our brands together.”
Head of Marketing, Original Additions Limited