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Repositioning and redesigning Gatwick’s internal communications that led to a reduction in queuing by 70% and 95% of customers clearing security within 5 minutes or less.


The first airport to break away from BAA, Gatwick required culture and values to improve commercial success and customer experience.


We created a visual identity for their internal communications. The development of an illustrated, icon led customer journey made sure all employees understood the process, with the support of a new brand toolkit, staff handouts and annual report.

The new internal branding repositioned Gatwick, reducing complaints by 70% and led to 95% of customers clearing security in under 5 minutes.


“From hell to heaven in one year. There has been a material improvement. Staff are now far more responsive.”
Evening Standard, 24th November 2010


“I can honestly say this is the best work I have ever had from any agency.”

Head of Internal Communications, Gatwick Airport