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Standing out from the crowd
by celebrating the humble mushroom.

The world of plant food is hot news with 75% of the population predicted to be flexitarian, Vegetarian or Vegan by 2025. The challenge was to create real differentiation in a category with lots of booming voices. Luckily, we had one key ingredient and we had a lot of it -The Mighty Mushroom.

What a great story we had to tell. A family owned business, who grow their own mushrooms and have done for 40 years! We saw an opportunity in the brand positioning to bring authenticity and real food values to the category in a way that no one else could. Our mission was to showcase the amazing potential of the mushroom – a powerful, natural superfood.

The Mighty Mushroom Co. uses an iconic mushroom silhouette as the holding device to deliver proper impact and instantly highlight the key point of difference against the competition. We also created a distinctive pattern based on abstracted ‘packed in’ mushroom idea using tones of the green brand colour to help build recognition and recall of the brand.

Delivering taste on pack was key; we wanted to take appetite appeal up a notch or five, so we created delicious product shots for the pack that move away from some of the tired recipes of spaghetti bolognaise, in favour of more exciting, mouth-watering options.

Mighty by name, mighty by nature.

“Honey have been incredibly valuable partners for Monaghan Mushrooms and acted as an extension of our team, developing the brand with real insight and creative flair. Their blend of commercial and creative skills has been instrumental in ensuring the brand has been incredibly well received.”

Kate Scott, Group Marketing Manager