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Opening up a new world of inspiration in plant food


As a family-run Irish food business, Plant-It have always known a thing or two about creating tasting food. But the brand undersold the food. To attract a growing number of plant curious consumers and open up new distribution channels we needed to revolutionise the brand. To become a beacon for excitement and inspiration. A celebration of plant food.


Our mission was to find a sweet spot that capitalised on the consumer need for convenient and bold flavour combinations whilst bringing to life the brand ethos and philosophy. We evolved the name to convey a sense of personal, small scale realness and developed the central strategic thought – Love the Good Stuff. Fast forward to the design phase where we wanted to hero the food. An antidote to blandness through beautiful looking dishes that jump off the pack and invite consumers in. This is paired with a distinctive illustration style and freedom of colour palette that delivers real impact and shoutiness in the tough shelf stand out environment of the freezer.


“Honey have been an invaluable partner for Plant-It. From Day 1 they understood the challenge and vision for the brand but have never been afraid to offer healthy challenge. Their level of thinking and creativity has transformed the brand and enabled us to gain new distribution and carve a distinctive position in a very competitive market”

Gabby Stone, Marketing Director