Serco employee engagement, engaging a global workforce

Engaging a global workforce


After a series of negative stories broke around the world concerning the misconduct of some Serco employees, it became clear there was an urgent agenda for a new Code of Conduct. One that could reach the hearts and minds of employees, clarify culture and help to positively change behaviours.


Serco Code of Conduct employee engagement
Serco Code of Conduct website employee engagement

We turned the usual understanding of a Code of Conduct around, transforming it from a dry “compendium of rules” into a series of interactive experiences that bring a way of working, thinking and behaving to life across a variety of media – print, digital and film. This gave the new Code a fresh and natural tone of voice.

Serco Code of Conduct Banner Employee engagement
Serco Values Brochure
Serco Values Brochure for employee engagement
Serco Values Brochure for employee engagement
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